Clays, gels and ice are often seen around the lorry park at events with many horses having their legs covered in something cold after they have completed the cross country phase. Owners of equine ice boots are often struggling with the tedium of finding ice for their boots.

This is a tried and tested method of helping the horse recover after strenuous exercise. All of these treatment are beneficial to the welfare and recovery of your horse.

But what if it could take this to another level? Zamar Equine wraps are ice free, They provide a constant cooling to effected area’s and can substantially improve a horses performance after an arduous event. Unlike Ice, a Zamar unit can maintain low temperatures for a prolonged period. Ice on the other hand is warming as it is used, that’s why it melts!

Combine all the benefits of cold therapy with the ease and certainty of a cold therapy unit that will deliver a constant cool temperature, one you can set, one you can maintain.

Want to try before you buy? We offer a rental unit and will happily deduct the first weeks hire from a subsequent purchase of a Zamar Equine Unit. Price start from only £200 per week (min 3 weeks) includes delivery, setup and training. Contact us today for more details.