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Frankie Dettori Uses ZamarUK Cryotherapy Machine

ZamarUK Cryotherapy machine puts Frankie Back in the saddle

Following a pre racefall at Great Yarmouth races in June Frankie had to withdraw from this years Royal Ascot festival. He was due to be on-board Ulysses and the pair were well fancied for victory in the Prince Charles’s stakes.

Frankie Dettori with a ZamarUK Shoulder Wrap

After a short spell using the ZamarUK Cryotherapy machine which keeps an specific area at a constant cold temperature to aid healing. Frankie was back in the saddle at the Oaks at the Curragh where he brought home Enable home to victory just 25 days after the accident.

Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 7 ratings)

Post Operative Knee Surgery – Amazing Results

“I recently required a knee replacement due to advancing arthritis.  I used a ZamarUK cold therapy treatment unit five times daily during the post-operative rehabilitation to suppress the inflammation in the operated knee. The ZamarUK cold therapy treatment bandage conformed well to my leg and the consistent cryotherapy was tremendous in suppressing the pain and inflammatory joint swelling following the surgery.  The ZamarUK cold treatment helped me to achieve excellent early mobilisation resulting in good knee flexion and function.  My consultant orthopaedic surgeon was greatly impressed by progress at the 4 week post-operative re-assessment and was genuinely shocked by the joint flexibility and function I could achieve so early after this major surgery.  

There is no doubt that the ZamarUK cryotherapy machine was extremely influential in my rapid post-operative recuperation which allowed me to return to work as a busy equine veterinarian four weeks after the operation.”

David Platt BVSc., PhD., CVR., DEO., FRCVS. Consultant Equine Orthopaedic Surgeon

I have been using the Zamar machine for a number of years as a maintenance

I have been using the Zamar machine for a number of years as a maintenance and recovery aid following exercise, keeping my horses legs tight and cool.  I felt it was such an important piece of equipment I  swapped my UK model for an American model when moving from the UK to Ocala in Florida.

Joe Meyer / New Zealand Team Event Rider

Zamar has revolutionized cold therapy, it is easy to work with

Zamar has revolutionized cold therapy, it is easy to work with having a programmed setting and compression it is the easiest and most effective way to apply cold therapy.  We use it daily for maintenance and as an aid to recovery after competing.  I recommend it to many of my clients.

Sharon Hunting Eventing

Shoulder Operation Recovery – ZamarUK Machine – Amazing Results

I have recently had surgery on my shoulder. I used a zamar machine from day 2. My physio saw me day 4 and couldn’t believe the lack of swelling and bruising. Easy to use and so effective a fabulous product.
Thank you ZamarUK.

Sara Wallwin

Its fantastic system for delivering effective cold therapy

Its a fantastic system for delivering cold therapy to limb injuries, helping to reduce recovery times and get the horses back on road. 

Ollie Pynn, Partner Rossdales Veterinary Practice

I use my Zamar machine daily after the horses have worked or competed

I use my Zamar Machine daily after the horses have worked or competed, Zamar really helps the horses legs recover.  The cold and compression helps to increase the circulation and reduce inflammation, it is  easy to use with excellent results.

Robert Smith / Olympic Showjumper

Douglas Whyte Racing Stables 

We’ve been using the Zamar stable unit the last couple of months on horses with chronic leg problems and as a preventive measure. I can highly recommend the product and find it to be very helpful in taking care of the racehorses at the stable.

Douglas Whyte Racing Stables
Average Rating: 5.0 stars (based on 7 ratings)