The benefits of using a Zamar Ice Free Therapy Unit For Equine Health

The Zamar Ice Free Therapy Unit is non-invasive and can be used both prior and following competition for improved horse health and general maintenance of legs, back, stifle and laminitis as well as speed up recovery after an injury by up to 60%


Improvement over conventional treatments

A unique and revolutionary way to assist your horse to perform at its peak and repair faster when under performing. Zamar machines are the secret weapon used by top competitors.

It sounds almost too good to be true,  an easy to use, one-step, drug- free therapy that can minimise the effects of a recent Musculoskeleta trauma and accelerate recovery from new and old injuries.  Thinking “It cannot possibly exist” But it does and it really is that good.

If running a busy yard makes it difficult to find the time to apply hot and cold therapy to your horse’s legs through repeated hosing (hosing is only ever at ambient temperature) and bandaging, then take the established treatment you already know about to a different level.

Zamar machines can provide cold and hot treatment, combined with massage therapy, to improve circulation and promote healing. It is designed to help reduce and prevent joint problem, muscle strains, ligament and tendon problems.

The system consists of a portable machine that controls the flow of a propriety fluid that can maintain constant cold an hot therapies, which is attached to wraps via hoses.  The machine pumps the fluid through the hoses into the form-fitting  wraps that surround the affected area for maximum heat removal and consistent cooling these wraps are soft and remain so even at -5. The hoses can have safety connections fitted so should the horse pull away they are instantly disconnected and the machine remains in a safe position ensuring minimal fluid loss.

The Zamar system provides cold and hot treatments, combined with massage to improve circulation and promote healing.  It is designed to help reduce and prevent joint problems, muscle strains, ligament and tendon problems.

There is no ICE just a dry application minimising the risk of cracked heels, scratches, dermatological issues and hoof problems.

The Zamar machine is designed to be mobile (on a trolley) and in a treatment box (stable unit).  The mobile unit can be used on a horse box via a generator.

The Zamar units are available in hot and cold, or cold only, they can be programmed to a set temperature ranging from – 3c to +40c with a massage function which is also pre-programmable. cold therapy or cryotherapy is far more effective with massage combined. It is possible to set to treat both cold or cold and hot, at pre-programmable intervals  (i.e 5 mins cold 5 minutes hot)

The Zamar machine reaches temperature quickly, saving you time when treating and maintaining your horses health to the highest level.


Zamar ice free therapy units are already in use in numerous top yards

Horse Racing

Sir Michael Stoute, Michael Bell, Nicky Henderson, Jonjo O’Neill, John Gosden


John and Michael Whittaker, Shane Breen


Caroline Powell, Sharon Hunt, Paul Tapner, Louise Skelton


Charlotte Dujardin, Richard Barrett, Paul Hayler

9 Year thoroughbred gelding, (Bonne Noels)  fit and ready to run, – angle of the foot was changed by a new farrier and had a tendon problem in both front legs (SDF)

Treated 2 to 3 times a day 7 days a week  at -3 on the Zamar Ice Free Therapy Unit for a period of 4 months, injury was loaded by walking out within 2 weeks scans from Rossdales are available if you would like to see them please send us a message at the bottom of this page

Horse was hunting within 6 months of injury and went on to have two second’s and a third point to pointing, still hunting at the age of 16

Christine Cusselle

Owner, ZamarUK

Horse Health – Treating Laminitis

Horse Health – Treating Laminitis

ZamarUK Machine for treating Laminitis Cryotherapy, or cold therapy, has been shown to prevent laminitis in the at-risk equine patient and is often recommended for relieving pain and inflammation in the acutely laminitic horse.  In a workshop at the international...

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