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Can Cryotherapy be used to remove fat, is it Fact or Fiction? The truth is just under the skin.

To explain needs some science, bear with us while we try and explain.

First off not all fat is equal! There are several types of fat in our bodies but we need to focus on just two they are:

White Adipose Tissue (WAT)

Brown Adipose Tissue (BAT)

White fat (WAT), is everyone’s enemy, it is extremely difficult and stubborn to shift! It is where we tend to display our excessive fatty areas, seen mostly around the upper arms, thighs, stomachs and lower backs. Most of us find it extremely challenging to completely eliminate the fat in these areas to achieve our desired results. The cells are larger in size than brown fat cells and WAT is not a metabolically active fat. It does nothing for the body’s functions because they store energy & calories instead of burning them. WAT’s are lazy and stubborn fat cells the have little mitochondria content (which is the energy producing part of our fat cells).

Brown Fat (BAT), on the other hand is the GOOD fat! The hero amongst the fat types. These fat cells are unique in terms of their make up, structure and function. They are noticeably smaller than white fat cells, which means they take up less surface area. They are metabolically active because they are made up of more mitochondria, than white fat cells. Because of this, brown fat helps to burn energy and generate heat to keep our bodies warm, especially when exposed to cold.

You’ve got this far well done, just a bit more to explain.

Think of it like this the more BAT the better because BAT’s will burn themselves and release energy willingly. We want more BAT’s because we want to burn calories

So, How does cryotherapy come into this? By exposing the problematic parts of the body using cold therapy (cryotherapy), the BAT’s will naturally get into the work and burn mode. Brown fat cells express a protein called UCP1.

Last bit of science…

When our bodies are exposed to cold therapy, it activates the adrenaline, endorphins production and the “fight or flight response is activated” (it is no coincidence we shiver when cold!). Most importantly, adrenaline turns on UCP1 which makes the mitochondria burn calories. The more this is done by cooling the body, the more mitochondria is developed in the tissues over time, causing a “browning effect”, effectively burning and taking over the white fat cells (essentially converting white fat to active brown fat).

So when you see someone who is lean and maybe good muscle definition (if they choose to work out) it would be a natural response to assume the have a higher metabolic rate than most of us. That notion is correct to a point, but the truth is they have more BAT than WAT! The more WAT you can convert to BAT the more calories you will burn and remember BAT’s are naturally smaller that WAT’s

Up the BAT’s! And down with the WAT’s

WAT’s cannot survive in cold temperatures, so by carefully exposing them to controlled cooling we effectively compromise their lazy state and when this happens the bodies natural defences will come into action and cause the WAT’s to break down and be flushed out via our lymphatic system.

OK, stop. You’ve now got an understanding of how cryotherapy can help you lose unwanted, difficult to treat body fat. Time to go eat an apple!


Its in my genes I’m going to be fat!

No it isn’t, very, very few of us were born to be overweight! With some common sense, some not so radical dietary modifications, a little exercise and the help of a controlled program of cryotherapy it is possible to have the body you want.

If you think that your new life is Apples, tapes and scales. Think again, we are here once and once only so enjoy all and everything life has to offer.

Don’t be a gym bunny if you don’t like the gym, don’t eat rabbit food just because someone told you it’s the easiest way to lose weight and become toned. It isn’t and more people fall of the diet band wagon than stay on it because done wrong it is boring! Disheartening, lonely and soul destroying.

Let a little technology help you achieve the body you want, let cryotherapy help you sort the WAT’s out.


Cryotherapy, is it really for the masses?

We are growing an army of fat busting mobile treatment experts, coupled with a state of the art cryotherapy unit and body wraps to treat most area’s effectively. Easily done in the comfort of your home with treatments lasting 30 = 60 minutes depending on what needs treating and starting at just £95. We are bringing large scale cryotherapy to the masses.

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