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Zamar Ice Free Therapy Units

Zamar Equine

Solutions for preparing horses into peak condition

Maintenance and rehabilitation your horse? There is a simple solution that provides Ice Free Therapy to get your horse into peak condition look no further than Zamar Ice Free therapy units ease of use and fantastic results.

Zamar Physio

Injury & Postoperative recovery through Cryotherapy

Zamar Ice Free therapy units work on soft tissue repair and are more effective than conventional Ice pack solutions. Getting back to peak performance is important to you, then a Zamar Ice Free Therapy Unit is your answer.


Combining Cryotherapy and Thermotherapy in controlled quick succession creates vasoconstriction followed by vasodilation. Providing the ability to take temperatures from 40° to 0° in about 60 seconds makes a ZAMAR ICE FREE unit a clear winner.
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Reducing recovery times by up to 60%. With controlled use of cold and warm therapy particularly during the sub acute stage promotes faster reduction of the edema, increased elasticity. Each area treated precisely with the application of an anatomic wrap.


Using a pre programmed touch screen temperature can easily be alternated between -5° to 45° promoting reduced stiffness while delivering an analgesic effect combined with effective vascular exercise, increasing local circulation.

No Ice

A Zamar machine does not need ICE to function. By using a reversal refrigeration system heat and cold can be produced and controlled. Temperature is transported via insulated pipes safely and with little loss of fluid.

Heat Packs

Heat Packs

There is no doubt about it, applying a heat pack to an aching body part provides instant relief from pain and stiffness. For centuries, heat has been used as a simple yet effective way to manage your pain and joint or muscular stiffness.  Deep and penetrating heat not...

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